Rome, a City and Its Empire in Perspective - Stéphane Benoist (dir.)

Rome, une cité impériale en jeu

Rome, a City and Its Empire in Perspective: The Impact of the Roman World through Fergus Millar's Research

Fergus Millar’s works have renewed our approach of the Roman world. He had studied the functioning of the Roman Empire in the perspective of the Emperor’s activities, from Augustus to Constantine; as well as the Republic during the last two centuries BC in order to revalue the people within the institutions; and finally the Near East from Augustus to Constantine, and then to the Muslim conquest. He uses to be engaged with the whole evidence (literary, epigraphic, papyrological, juridical and archaeological) that he examines closely with revived view-points. Distinguished and younger scholars have dealt, during a seminar, with the main aspects of Millar’s research, its reception and the reactions it has raised, and proposed surveys about current inquiries, as well as perspectives for future studies.