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Law, Institutions, Societies

1. Greek and Hellenistic Law
directors: B. Legras (Paris 1) ; P. Ismard (Paris 1)

Civic Networks and Institutional, Social, and Cultural Dynamics

director: I. Savalli-Lestrade (CNRS)
3. Governments and Political Cultures in the Roman Empire
directors: F. Chausson (Paris 1) ; A. Hostein (Paris 1) ; B. Rossignol (Paris 1)
4. Monumenta

Written and Figurative Traces of Memory

director: S. Estienne (ENS)
5. Soldiers, Civilians, Barbarians

War and Peace in the Roman Empire

directors: M. Reddé (EPHE) ; D. Dana (CNRS) ; B. Rossignol (Paris 1)

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