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Roman Greeks under the Empire : Culture and Society


Sophie Lalanne (Paris 1)


The GRECS program was founded in 2010 for the purpose of providing a global view of Greek society and culture in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire and of bringing together researchers from different and frequently isolated areas who studied the involvement of Greeks in the history of the Empire on the basis of all kinds of ancient sources (literary, epigraphic, numismatic, archeological) : historians of Greece, historians of Rome, philologists and specialists in Greek and Latin, specialists in the late Hellenistic period and the Roman Republic, historians of the Early and Later Roman Empire, historians of institutions, historians of religion, specialists in cultural history, and so on. The GRECS approach is, from this variety of perspectives, to study the socio-cultural history of the Greek world as part of the Roman Empire, that is, both its participation in the creation of an imperial culture and its unique features.
The original purpose of the GRECS program thus is to allow the members of UMR 8210 and French and foreign scholars associated with it to work collectively on the subject of relations between “Hellenism and Empire,” which is well represented in the United Kingdom and United States, building on the work of Glen W. Bowersock, Ewen L. Bowie, Christopher P. Jones, and Bryan P. Reardon.
Therefore, this program is intended to remain interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and international.
An annual workshop or colloquium is the form usually adopted by this ANHIMA program, eventually in cooperation with other research groups, in or out of ANHIMA.
From its creation in 2010, the GRECS program has held several workshops and colloquium, resulting in the publication of collective volumes :
− Les voyages des empereurs dans l’Orient romain, A. Hostein and S. Lalanne ed., Paris, Errance, 2012
 Le monde d’Arrien de Nicomédie, A. Hostein and S. Lalanne ed., Ktèma 39, 2014, 1-113
– Femmes grecques de l’Orient romain, S. Lalanne ed., Dialogues d’Histoire Ancienne, Supplément, 2017, forthcoming.
– Passeurs de culture. Transmission et circulation des savoirs dans l’Empire gréco-romain, A.-M. Favreau, Sophie Lalanne and J.-L. Vix ed., Turnhout, Brepols, 2017, forthcoming.

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