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EHESS MA Seminar : History and Civilizations

Specialization : Anthropology and History of Antiquity

Wednesday, from 9-11:00
Salle Mariette, INHA
Beginning November 3, 2014
1st Semester : Historical and methodological questions on the anthropology of Antiquity
2nd Semester : Sources and documents for the history and anthropology of Antiquity


This collectively taught course will present different methodologies and approaches to phenomena of Greco-Roman society and culture : poetry and literature, visual arts, representations of identity, economy, law ; and consideration of historical debates and comparative methods of anthropological inspiration in the study of the traces of these different institutional and cultural practices (1st semester).

We will present different disciplines of the study of Greco-Roman Antiquity from a historical anthropological perspective, using relevant documents and available tools : textual scholarship and traditions, iconography and art history, political and social history, archeology and environmental science, mythology and history of religion, geography and ethnography, economic and legal history (2nd semester).

Director :

Marcello Carastro
Courriel :

Presenters :

Aurélien Berra, Manon Brouillet, Claude Calame, Marcello Carastro, Jean-Michel Carrié, Cecilia D’Ercole, Silvia D’Intino, Sonia Darthou, Sylvie Donnat, Christian Jacob, Pierre Judet de la Combe, François Lissarrague, François de Polignac, Yann Rivière, Filippo Ronconi, Evelyne Scheid-Tissinier.

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