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MA Seminar in History, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Specialization : Anthropology and History of Antiquity

> Goal

The History and Anthropology specialization of the MA in History is intended for students who want to specialize in the history of Antiquity for their MA before taking the second-level qualifying examination, to obtain basic training for another professional field, or to gain experience in anticipation of a PhD. In every case, the History and Anthropology specialization of the MA in History offers added value in terms of methodological and academic skills in an environment that favors the uniqueness and excellence of its programs.
The MA has five possible areas of specialization : history and civilization of ancient Babylon ; cultural history of the Greek city in the Archaic and Classical periods (8th-4th century B.C.) ; history of the Hellenistic world ; social, political, and cultural history of the Roman Republic ; history of the Roman Empire.
The MA also offers specialized instruction in epigraphy, papyrology, ancient law, and gender history, and is closely associated with the archeology and ancient philosophy instruction given at Paris 1. It further includes specialized instruction in ancient science that takes account of new fields opened up in the social and human sciences.

> Director :

Violaine Sebillotte
email :

> Pedagogical team, by cultural area

・Mesopotamia : Francis Joannès, Philippe Clancier

・Archaic and Classical Greece : Violaine Sebillotte, Aurélie Damet, Paulin Ismard, Sophie Lalanne

・Hellenistic World : Bernard Legras, Madalina Dana, Anne-Emmanuelle Veïsse, Stéphanie Wackenier

・Roman Empire : Sylvie Pittia, Maria Bats, Clara Berrendonner, Jean-Claude Lacam, Raphaëlle Laignoux

・Empire romain : François Chausson, Antony Hostein, Benoit Rossignol, Meriem Sebaï
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