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MÈTIS – Anthropology of the Ancient Greek World

history – philology - archeology
published jointly by DAEDALUS (Athens) – EHESS (Paris)
ISSN 1105-2201
> Latest issues: N.S.12 2014
> Other volumes in the new series: N.S.11 2013, Hors Série 2013,
N.S.10 2012, N.S.9 2011, N.S.8 2010, N.S.7 2009, N.S.6 2008,
N.S.5 2007, N.S.4 2006, N.S.3 2005, N.S.2 2004, N.S.1 2003
⟶ The entire first series from 1986 to 1998 is available online at the website portail Persée
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The journal Mètis was founded in 1986 as a collaborative undertaking of Greek and French Hellenists. Its goal is to study Greek Antiquity from a historical anthropological perspective, while maintaining ties to other scholarly disciplines (philology, history, archeology, etc.) and drawing on diverse human sciences (ethnology, sociology, linguistics, psychology, psychoanalysis). More recently, it has joined in the exploration of Roman and Byzantine cultures.
As an international journal, Mètis accepts publications in five languages (French, Greek, English, Italian, German), and its editorial committee consists of specialists from several European nations (France, Greece, Italy, Germany, England, etc.), as well as the United States.
Publication frequency: annual
Editorial committee: Vincent Azoulay, Nicole Belayche, Marcello Carastro, Catherine Darbo-Peschanski, Françoise Frontisi-Ducroux, Stella Georgoudi, Florence Gherchanoc, François Lissarrague, Nicos Nicolau, Violaine Sebillotte Cuchet, Athanassia Zografou
Academic directors: Stella Georgoudi et Violaine Sebillotte Cuchet
email: stella.georgoudi@ehess.fr - phone: +33(0)147038417
email: Violaine.Sebillotte@univ-paris1.fr - phone: +33(0)147038413
Publishing secretary: Hélène Morlier
email: helene.morlier@ehess.fr - phone: +33(0)147038563
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