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Bibliothèque Gernet-Glotz

Historical background

The collections and services of the Gernet-Glotz library are part of the ANHIMA Research Center (UMR 8210).
The Gernet-Glotz library is the product of the fusion of the library of the Centre Louis Gernet, "Comparative research center on ancient societies", and of the library of the Centre Gustave Glotz, "Research on Hellenistic and Roman worlds", which merged to form the ’ANHIMA Research Center in 2004, located in the Galerie Colbert in Paris.
The Centre Gustave Glotz library, founded in 1961, was the library of Department of Ancient History of the unified Sorbonne. From its foundation, it inherited books bequeathed by Gustave Glotz and Theodore Reinach. It was enriched by the acquisition of the library of Charles Picard. In addition to regular acquisitions, it benefited from important legacies from William Seston and Louis Robert and his wife, Jeanne Robert and more recently, the legacy of François Hinard. It is also enriched by the acquisition of Poinssot library.
The library of the Centre Gernet is more recent. It was created at the initiative of Jean-Pierre Vernant in 1975. Beside regular purchases, it benefited from significant donations, especially Victor Goldschmidt, Henri Irenee Marrou, Jean-Pierre Vernant, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Nicole Loraux and more recently a significant donation of Claude Mosse.

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