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Journée d’étude "Coastal Lagoons : Mediterranean and Asian Landscapes in a Historical Perspective"

Organisée par Cecilia D’Ercole (EHESS, ANHIMA) et Anne-Valérie Schweyer (CNRS, CASE) dans le cadre de l’axe 3 de l’IRIS Etudes Globales (EHESS)
Lundi 27 et mardi 28 novembre 2017
Salle Vasari, INHA
Within the framework of the call for proposals launched by PSL and entitled Global Studies-Initiatives of Strategic Interdisciplinary Research, we will organize a one-and-half day workshop, dedicated to a comparative study on landscape history and different forms of economic and political control of coastal lagoon environment.
This meeting is thought as a confrontation between various geographic situations (notably the coastal region around Hue in Vietnam and the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian coastlines in Italy), within the framework of common issues, which every participant is invited to tackle.
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