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Images at the Crossroads: Media and Meaning in Greek Art

Images at the Crossroads: Media and Meaning in Greek Art
Judith M. Barringer, François Lissarrague (ed.)
Edinburgh Leventis Studies, EUP, 2022

I. Making Meaning: How Do Images Work?
1. François Lissarrague, Ways of Making Sense: Eagle and Snake in Archaic and Classical Greek Art
2. Annette Haug, Images and History in Eighth and Seventh Century B.C. Athens: A Discursive Analytical Approach
3. Martina Seifert, Knowledge and the Production of Meaning: Greek Vase-Imagery Reconsidered 63
4. Luca Giuliani, Images and Storytelling
II. Interpretation and Perception
5. Mauro Menichetti, The Alexander Mosaic: Stories of Victory
6. Adrian Staehli, Parapictoriality
III. Reflections of the City and Its Craftsmen
7. Dyfri Williams, Les Images de la Cité - The Vase Painter’s Gaze
8. Tonio Hölscher, Again: Working Scenes on Athenian Vases—Images between Social Values and Aesthetic Reality
IV. Constructions of Myth Through Images
9. Marion Meyer, Of Gods and Giants: Myth and Images in the Making
10. Véronique Dasen, The Fabric of Myth in Ancient Glyptic
11. François de Callataÿ, Greek Coin Iconography in Context: Eight Specificities that Differentiate Them from Other Visual Media
V. Clay and Stone: Material Matters
12. Andrew Stewart, Paragone? Xenophon, Sokrates, and Quintilian on Greek Painting and Sculpture
13. H.A. Shapiro, Communicating with the Divine in Marble and Clay
14. Judith M. Barringer, The Message is in the Medium: White-Ground Lekythoi and Stone Grave Markers in Classical Athens
15. Arthur Muller, Greek Figurative Terracottas of the Archaic Period: Problematic Images? From Identification to Meaning and Function
16. Victoria Sabetai, Images in Dialogue: Picturing Identities in Boiotian Stone, Clay, and Metal
17. Stefan Schmidt, Images of Drinking and Laughing: Vessels and Votives in the Theban Kabirion
18. Ken Lapatin, Beyond Ceramics and Stone: The Iconography of the Precious
VI. Honoring the Dead
19. Nikolaus Dietrich, Archaic Grave Reliefs: Body or Stele?
20. Dimitri Paleothodoros, On Vases, Terracottas, and Bones: How to Read Funerary Assemblages from Sixth- and Fifth-Century Greece
21. Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell, Winged Figures and Mortals at a Crossroad
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