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Images at the Crossroads : Media and Meaning in Greek Art

Images at the Crossroads : Media and Meaning in Greek Art
Judith M. Barringer, François Lissarrague (ed.)
Edinburgh Leventis Studies, EUP, 2022

I. Making Meaning : How Do Images Work ?
1. François Lissarrague, Ways of Making Sense : Eagle and Snake in Archaic and Classical Greek Art
2. Annette Haug, Images and History in Eighth and Seventh Century B.C. Athens : A Discursive Analytical Approach
3. Martina Seifert, Knowledge and the Production of Meaning : Greek Vase-Imagery Reconsidered 63
4. Luca Giuliani, Images and Storytelling
II. Interpretation and Perception
5. Mauro Menichetti, The Alexander Mosaic : Stories of Victory
6. Adrian Staehli, Parapictoriality
III. Reflections of the City and Its Craftsmen
7. Dyfri Williams, Les Images de la Cité - The Vase Painter’s Gaze
8. Tonio Hölscher, Again : Working Scenes on Athenian Vases—Images between Social Values and Aesthetic Reality
IV. Constructions of Myth Through Images
9. Marion Meyer, Of Gods and Giants : Myth and Images in the Making
10. Véronique Dasen, The Fabric of Myth in Ancient Glyptic
11. François de Callataÿ, Greek Coin Iconography in Context : Eight Specificities that Differentiate Them from Other Visual Media
V. Clay and Stone : Material Matters
12. Andrew Stewart, Paragone ? Xenophon, Sokrates, and Quintilian on Greek Painting and Sculpture
13. H.A. Shapiro, Communicating with the Divine in Marble and Clay
14. Judith M. Barringer, The Message is in the Medium : White-Ground Lekythoi and Stone Grave Markers in Classical Athens
15. Arthur Muller, Greek Figurative Terracottas of the Archaic Period : Problematic Images ? From Identification to Meaning and Function
16. Victoria Sabetai, Images in Dialogue : Picturing Identities in Boiotian Stone, Clay, and Metal
17. Stefan Schmidt, Images of Drinking and Laughing : Vessels and Votives in the Theban Kabirion
18. Ken Lapatin, Beyond Ceramics and Stone : The Iconography of the Precious
VI. Honoring the Dead
19. Nikolaus Dietrich, Archaic Grave Reliefs : Body or Stele ?
20. Dimitri Paleothodoros, On Vases, Terracottas, and Bones : How to Read Funerary Assemblages from Sixth- and Fifth-Century Greece
21. Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell, Winged Figures and Mortals at a Crossroad
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