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Professeur titulaire au département des études classiques, Université de Tel Aviv
Courriel : ido0572@tauex.tau.ac.il

> Thèmes de recherche

• Anthropologie du monde ancien
• Droit romain
• Histoire de la médecine
• Formation sociale de l’autorité professionnelle
• Réception sociale de la science et de la technologie dans l’antiquité classique

> Parcours professionnel

2021 Habilitation, Universität Bayreuth
2021 - Professeur invité, Collège de France
2005-2008 D.Phil Ancient History (Oxford)
2002-2005 M.Phil Ancient History (Oxford)
1994-1998 BA History and Philosophy (Tel Aviv)

> Bibliographie

Ouvrages :

Society, Medicine and Religion in the Sacred Tales of Aelius Aristides, Leiden, Brill, 2012.
Patients and Healers in the High Empire, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University press, 2015.
Forensic Science and Roman Law (Forthcoming).

Articles (sélection) :

– ‘The world of Aelius Aristides’, Scripta Classica Israelica 2008 (26): 91-110.
– ‘The Rain Miracle of Marcus Aurelius: (Re)-creation of consensus’, Greece and Rome 2008 (55): 83-102.
– ‘Physicians as figures of authority in the Roman courts’, Historia 2014 (63): 445-462.
– ‘The use and abuse of Hippocratic medicine in the Apology of Lucius Apuleius’, Classical Quarterly 2016 (67): 635-644.
– ‘The extent of the patria potestas during the High Empire: the decision of non tollere as a case in point’, Museum Helveticum 2017 (47): 237-254.
– ‘The theme of illness in Sophocles’ Ajax’, SCI 2017 (36): 1-16.
– ‘Roman motherhood: A legal, social, and medical perspective’, Zmanim 2017 (Hebrew).
– ‘An epileptic Aristides? A neglected aspect of Aristides’ reception’, Ancient Society 2017 (47): 237-254.
– ‘Helvidius Priscus an arbiter ex compromisso’, Klio 2019 (102.2): 599-609.
– ‘From the lex Aquilia to tort law: the emergence of forensic science’, Journal of Legal History, 2020 (44): 60-77.
– ‘Land surveyors and the Roman court’, RIDA 2020 (66): 135-153.
– ‘The use of diet and regimen by midwives during pregnancy, child birth, and postnatal care’, Phoenix, 2021 (74.1): 1-26.
– ‘Local production and global trade: Roman means of arbitration in the commerce of wine’’, Hermes, 2021 (149): 53-69.
– ‘Visigoth medici: a legal and genealogical study’, Studies in Late Antiquity, 2021618-38.

Articles dans des collections éditées:

– ‘The Authority of Physicians as Dream Interpreters in the Pergamene Asclepieion’, in D. Michaelides (ed.), Medicine and Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean World, Oxbow, 2014, 285-290.
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– “Une offre très variée ou: comment il faut reconnaître le meilleur médecin”, in A. Verbanck-Piérard, V. Boudon-Millot et D. Gourevitch, Au temps de Galien. Un médecin grec dans l’Empire romain, Paris, 2018, 90-100.
– “Les maladies d’Ælius Aristide, un contemporain de Galien”, in A. Verbanck-Piérard, V. Boudon-Millot et D. Gourevitch, Au temps de Galien. Un médecin grec dans l’Empire romain, Paris, 2018, 219-223.
– ‘The involvement of provincial cities in the administration of school teaching’, in J. Price, Y. Shahar and M. Finkelberg (eds), Rome: An Empire of Many Nations, Cambridge, 2021, 135-145.

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